Nic Offer of !!! rocks the mic at Harlow's in downtown Sacramento Monday, Sept. 13. Photo: Lovelle Harris

Harlow’s crowd welcomes back local band

by Lovelle Harris | Features Editor

Originally published in the Express on 09.21.10

With a Facebook page dedicated to it and its ever-present existence in email, text and instant messages, be wary of the exclamation point and the urge to abuse it because the punctuation police just might come knocking on your door.

For Brooklyn dance-punk rockers !!!, (pronounced Chk Chk Chk) who performed  at the club, Harlow’s, Monday night on Sept. 13, the punctuation police won’t be knocking on their door any time soon because all three exclamation points are necessary in conveying the intense, raw energy they bring to every performance.

Led by the energetic frontman Nic Offer, who cavorted about the stage in tiny blue shorts, dancing wildly and at various points in the performance jumping off stage to interact with the audience, the band turned Harlow’s into a wild and frenetic dance party that left the sweaty crowd begging for more.

The band, while based out of the New York borough, formed in Sacramento in 1996 and the hometown crowd welcomed them back with open arms.

“We only get nervous playing two places,” Offer says. “Sacramento and New York — you don’t want to suck in front of your friends.”

While most of the set was focused on its new release “Strange Weather, Isn’t It?”, the band rounded out the performance by throwing in a few old favorites from their wildly popular third LP “Myth Takes,” sending the crowd into a roaring frenzy with synth-dance tracks like “Must Be the Moon” and “Heart of Hearts.”

Joining Offer on stage was a new vocalist, who Offer introduced simply as Savannah. The leggy brunette took a bit to get into the groove, but managed to complement Offer’s intense energy with a restrained, almost quiet performance.

“Meet Savannah, she just learned these songs on Friday,” Offer shouted. “What the f–k have you done?!”

As the Facebook page says, “You only need one exclamation mark to get your point across. Seriously.” But in the case of Chk Chk Chk, those three punctuation marks are a defining moniker that is synonymous with high energy and good times.

To find out more about the band Chk Chk Chk and its tour, click here .

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